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"Betsy was extremely professional and I felt very comfortable throughout the appointment. She was detailed in making sure my thermogram was precise for accurate results. The results were explained to me and several tips given to me that can help me improve my thermogram results for next year. I have found this information very helpful. It was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend her." 


"Thermography saved my life, it found my cancer. I was able to get the treatment I needed and now I just go for my follow-up scan annually." 


"My experience with Thermography 4 Life was wonderful. They made me feel at ease throughout the whole exam. I really appreciate this non-invasive method of staying up-to-date on my health. The health tips the technician provided were so helpful and the results came back so quickly. This is such an easy, safe, and accurate way, at any age, to stay "abreast" on your health."


"I was nervous about my first thermography scan, but it turned out to be very comfortable. Betsy explained everything step by step during the appointment, it was so easy!"


"I'm so thankful I found Thermography 4 Life. After being to other centers, I found this one to be very friendly and helpful. I was able to make an appointment quickly and nearby. Betsy returned the results promptly, unlike the other centers who have taken months to send me my results."